Catheterisation Laboratory

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The Catheterisation Laboratory, commonly referred to as the Cath Lab, is an examination room in the hospital with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart.

Minimally invasive tests and procedures are performed in the Catheterisation Laboratory to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease or other abnormalities. Usually the patient is awake for these procedures.
The Catheterisation Laboratory is staffed by multidisciplinary team, usually led by a cardiologist.
While a cardiac catheterization usually takes about 30 minutes, the preparation and recovery time add several hours. Patients should plan on being at the hospital all day and should make sure someone is available to drive them home after the procedure. If a stent is implanted, the patient will more often than not stay overnight.
The Cardiac catheterisation laboratory is situated on the 4th floor in the Bank Hospital Annex.

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The following procedures are performed in the Catheterisation Laboratory