Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit

We are dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare solutions through safe, quality care in a patient friendly environment


Our 2-bedded Intensive care unit provides intensive and specialised medical and nursing care for patients with severe or life threatening illnesses and injuries

State of the art facilities and equipment allows for continuous monitoring and life support. The high staff-to-patient ratio and access to advanced medical resources and equipment ensure that patients are monitored at all times.
Patients may be referred directly from the emergency department or from a ward if they rapidly deteriorate, or immediately after surgery if the surgery is very invasive and the patient is at high risk of complication.
For the well-being of our patients our visiting hours are restricted and we ask you to respect these times.
Strict infection control procedures are in place and ask you to comply with these at all times.

Our Services

Eyram Agyeman

ICU and High Care Ward Manager

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Visiting Hours

Morning  06.00 – 07:00 
Evening  18.00 – 19.00 
2 visitors per patient, supervised visits for children under 12 years.