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The Bank Hospital provides quality healthcare driven by a strong, customer-centric focus.
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State-of the art equipment ensures that the surgical team have access to the latest technology.

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The Operating Theatre Complex at The Bank Hospital has been designed with the health, safety and well-being of the patient in mind.
Together with the surgeons, our skilled, experienced and dedicated theatre team are committed to ensuring a safe aseptic environment for the performing of surgeries, high quality, safe and compassionate care to all of our patients and maintaining high standards of performance.
Laminar flow technology in our main theatre reduces the number of infective organisms in the theatre air by generating a continuous flow of specially filtered bacteria free air.

Apart from the general theatres, there is a dedicated Gynae/Obstetrics (Maternity) Theatre exclusively for the use of maternity patients for procedures such as caesarean sections.
There is also a dedicated, fully equipped Endoscopic Theatre for the performance of all endoscopic procedures.

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