Radiology & Imaging Department

Radiology and Imaging provides a full range of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic radiology investigation such as x-rays and scans.
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The department provides a full range of diagnostic and interventional imaging services.

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Key Benefits

Radiology improves cancer diagnosis and treatment, reduces the length of hospitalizations, guides treatment of common conditions such as injury, cardiac disease and stroke and improves patient placement into appropriate areas of care, such as intensive care units.

Our Commitment

Our highly skilled, qualified, and licensed radiology team employs effective technology and techniques to provide the best of radiological services to our clients.

Our Services

Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan
Computed Tomography scan
Ultrasound scan
Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab)
Mammography and biopsy
General x-ray
Dental x-ray

Our Staff

We have highly motivated, committed, and dedicated staff that provide high standard professional services while ensuring the utmost privacy of patients. Our staff include radiographers, radiologists, and nurses.