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Ernestina Eduful

Specialty: Dietetics
Qualifications: Mhil Dietetics
Status (Fulltime/sessional): Full Time
Designation/Additional Roles: Dietician / Unit Manager
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Areas of interest: Renal Nutrition, Enteral food formulation for critically ill patients, Nutrition for special needs children, Nutritional management, and prevention of non-communicable diseases (Hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases). Her approach to diet and nutrition is evidence-based, permissive, and relaxed. She believes in healthy eating and lifestyle modification as a means of preventing non-communicable diseases. She Believes in evidenced based nutrition and has participated in collaborative research with both local and international institutions including the University of Nottingham and The Boston University as nutrition expert in biomedical research work that received Global challenges Research Funding. She enjoys writing and has written several articles in company journals and online. She actively participates in radio and TV Nutrition and Lifestyle promotion education. She does part-time lecturing and clinical supervision for various Universities. She is licensed by the Allied Health Professions Council, registered with the Ghana Dietetics Association, an Academy Member of the International Nephrology Society, and was a member British Dietetics Association.