Francis Oppang

Francis Oppang

Francis Oppang, PMP®, is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience in administrative management, project leadership, and strategic planning. He excels in driving organizational success through innovative solutions and effective team management, with expertise spanning healthcare, military services, and corporate management.

As Chief Operations Officer of The Bank Hospital, Francis ensures efficient operation of ancillary support and non-nursing clinical services. He collaborates with management to reduce operational costs, enhance revenues, and develop data-driven management decisions.

Hitherto, as Hospital Administrator for Nyaho Medical Centre, Francis optimized operations, ensured patient and staff satisfaction, and maintained regulatory compliance. His leadership fostered a collaborative work environment and improved patient experience.

In the Ghana Armed Forces Medical Services, Francis held key roles such as Principal Administrative Manager and Officer In-charge of Insurance, enhancing administrative management and insurance coordination. His strategic approach and IT solutions improved efficiency and revenue generation.

As a member of the Project Management Institute and Director of Operations, Administration in the Ghana Chapter, Francis oversees content creation for the Chapter’s monthly publications (PMHUb) and other administrative duties.

A proud Odadeɛ with a background in Project Management (PMP®), International Business Strategy, Statistics and Actuarial Science. Known for his strategic vision and ability to deliver results, Francis is a dynamic professional committed to continuous improvement and fostering a performance-driven culture.