Indren Poovan

Indren Poovan

Indren Poovan is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 24 years experience. Indren has gained experience within the Private Healthcare industry both in a South African context and in various other geographies. He has worked in South Africa, India, Cairo, Kenya and is presently based in Accra, Ghana. He has successfully coordinated and managed the activities of various departments pertaining to financing, structure and services.

Because healthcare is constantly changing and new technology is improving daily, he has ensured that he
keeps abreast of these technologies, procedures and healthcare efficiencies and advancements.

Indren has vast experience in translating an organizations vision and purpose into a strategy for execution. In addition, he is strongly business improvement focused and can orchestrate different team outputs to achieve strategic goals. He embraces innovation and is flexible in his thinking to create efficient and innovative solutions.

Indren has acquired a passion for developing healthcare focused companies in Africa to increase their footprint in their respective geographies and secondly to improve their ability to provide quality healthcare services at affordable prices with a mid to long term goal of achieving a financially sustainable operating model which delivers returns to its investors.

In addition, Indren has gained valuable experience in the design, construction and project management of
Greenfield Hospital Projects and has successfully completed 2 Greenfield Hospital projects ( Life Hilton
Hospital – Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and AAR Hospital in Nairobi). Both Hospitals were completed and are now serving the communities, providing jobs and contributing to the economy.

Indren’s qualifications include:

  • B.Com
  • B.Compt (Hons)
  • B.Compt (Hons) CTA
  • MBA